Working with a purpose...

Our impact is certainly not limited to the Northern New Jersey area. Every time you choose to use us for your junk hauling and clean out needs; we in turn choose to take a portion of our earnings and donate it to charity. More Than Me was founded by Bernardsville native, Katie Meyler, in 2009.

More Than Me (MTM) uses education as a catalyst for transformative social change for every girl in Liberia. They have been fighting for Liberia’s most vulnerable children since day one, from paying scholarships, to opening their own school, to fighting Ebola alongside the community. They won’t stop until they achieve their vision of every girl empowered. And to do that, they must ensure that all children are educated, which is why they are now fighting to rebuild Liberia’s education system.

To learn more about how you can help please visit their site at

*Sometimes the charities we work with may truly have no need for your donation - when this occurs we sell your donation and give the proceeds instead.*