Re Move All - We work with charities so that our impact is felt around the world.

Working with a purpose...

'Heartworks is a local grassroots movement of women committed to replicating and sustaining the palpable kindness witnessed in the wake after September 11, 2001. Inspired by the healing that takes place through receiving and giving, they offer hope to people experiencing acute illness, injury, or grief, while taking part in their own self-growth.'

'Heartworks could not exist if it were not for the hundreds of women they call “Heartworkers” who are committed to the Heartworks purpose and give of themselves wholeheartedly. Heartworkers come to meetings, fundraisers and bring hope and kindness in many ways to families who need it.'

To learn more about how you can help please visit their site at

Sometimes the charities we work with may truly have no need for your donated item(s) - when this occurs we sell your donation and give the proceeds instead.